Core courses


The core courses provide a general methodological basis for the programme. In the first block, there are six mandatory courses covering both economics, statistics and health policy:


Advanced Microeconomics,

Applied Statistics,

Introduction to health economics

Healthcare law and ethics

Health Policy and Public Health and

Sociology of Health


The other block consists of five courses addressing a specific field of health policy:


Health Care Financing,

Health informatics

Public Health Strategy, Projects and Assessment

Statistical methods in healthcare analyses and

Controlling in Non-Business Organizations



The HPPF programme offers specialisations in one area. This specialisation is:

Specialization in Health Economics


The health economic specialisation allows students to focus on health economic analysis and pharmacoeconomics and to develop analytical skills in quantitative research methods as well as in health technology assessment. Students will benefit from the daily interactions with the research staff at the Department of Health Economics, including specialists in health economics, outcome research, public health and health technology assessment. Students will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing research projects while writing their dissertation.

Specialisation courses:


Health economics

Valuation of health

Healthcare marketing

Survey research methods in healthcare

Health economic modelling and

Pharmacoeconomics and Health Technology Assessment


Recommended elective courses

Economics of Beauty and Health Industry

Economics of health care innovation

Quality improvement management in health care